Trade on Olymp Trade for new guys, Tutorial trading
Trade on Olymp Trade for new guys, Tutorial trading

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Olymp Trade is the most popular Fixed Time Trade and Forex trading platform today. Supports up to 19 languages and is allowed to trade in more than 50 countries. Olymp Trade has now surpassed big names like Binomo, Expert Option, IQ Option … and has become the most prestigious platform available on Windows, macOS, IOS, Android. It is a waste if you are a trader but do not use this platform. This article will guide newcomers, to start trading on Olymp Trade, in full detail.

What is Olymp Trade?

A currency trading platform

Olymp Trade is a digital channel, providing a trading platform that includes the most optimized interface and support tools for Traders. The usage fee is zero, upgrading by paying is not possible because Olymp Trade will automatically upgrade your account to Expert once you deposit enough money. In addition, you also get a deposit promotion to encourage users to use the platform up to 50%. And you can also enter the discount code Olymp Trade every month, which is daily updated at:

At Olymp Trade you will be able to trade Fixed Time Trade, Forex based on the underlying assets such as Cryptocurrencies, Foreign currencies, Stocks, Commodities, Indices, … Remember that this is not betting. it’s a technical analysis subject, making it profitable if you have the skills. And there is nothing to gain if you just consider them gambling. If you have played Binomo, , IQ Option or Expert Option, these words may seem redundant, but reminders are never redundant.

Register Olymp Trade & Get Free $10,000 Get $10,000 free for newbies

The prestige of Olymp Trade

Olymp Trade is licensed to operate since 2014 in Russia and is certified by The Financial Commission (Finacom). The headquarters are located in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, owned by two companies Smartex International Limited and Wallfort Limited.

Olymp Trade is a member of FinancialCommission
Olymp Trade is a member of FinancialCommission

Conditions of using Olymp Trade

Using Olymp Trade is very simple, you can log in with Facebook, with Gmail. But you must have an Email account with the highest security. Because this is a multinational monetary exchange, losing the email account that identifies you as unique will greatly affect your personal information. You even lose your money so don’t think about trading Olymp Trade without a fully safe account.

Conditions to make money Olymp Trade

  • You need at least a Visa / Mastercard to trade on Olymp Trade. If you do not have any credit cards, you can use the bank account registered with Internet Banking or e-wallets licensed by your country.
  • You must be a legal citizen and old enough to be responsible for the law of the country in which you live.
  • You will not be able to trade if the country you live in prohibits the use of virtual currencies or prohibits the use of Olymp Trade.

How to make money online with Olymp Trade

Register a trading account at Olymp Trade

First, you must sign up for a free account with an email account that has enabled security with Phone Number. After registering you will be given $10,000 for Demo trading.

Register Olymp Trade & Get Free $10,000 Get $10,000 free for newbies

Go to the registration interface

Go to then click on Start Trading – Free or Register on the screen.

How to create account on Olymp Trade
How to create an account on Olymp Trade

Fill out the Olymp Trade account registration form

Fill out the information on the registration form including:

  • E-mail: Email account has a verified phone number that you own
  • Password: New password for Olymp Trade account
  • Currency: The currency you use to deposit money into Olymp Trade.
  • Check the box I have read with the terms and then click Register.

You can also create an account through your Apple, Facebook, or Gmail account.

How to create account on Olymp Trade step fill in registering form
How to create an account on Olymp Trade step fill in registering form

Sign Up Success

You will then be automatically logged in and taken to the trading platform interface on the Demo Account. At the same time, there will be a confirmation message to your email. So you have successfully registered for an Olymp Trade account.

Trading on mobile platforms

You can download Olymp Trade on your mobile phone. The way to register will be similar to registering on the Web.

Instructions to download Olymp Trade apps on Android and iOS.

Register Olymp Trade & Get Free $10,000 Get $10,000 free for newbies

Demo account training

You will not be able to make money without experience and skills. So you must be familiar with the Olymp Trade Demo interface. Demo interface of Olymp Trade uses simulated money to trade, giving you the same thrill and mentality as trading real money. Demo trading will help you practice your skills a lot.

What is a trading demo account?

A demo account is a real trading account but virtual money, you will be given $10,000 for the first registration. Register now at the form below to receive bonus money.

When trading with a Demo account, you will experience the chart interface. The main purpose is to become familiar with and practice the indicators and candlesticks pattern.

User interface of Olymp Trade platform
The user interface of Olymp Trade platform

For instructions to get acquainted with the interface, you can see the article:

Types of transactions on Olymp Trade

Olymp Trade supports Fixed Time Trade and Forex trading.


Secure your account before trading real money

Account verification helps your account avoid the risk of unauthorized access and unreasonable loss of money.

Step 1: Click account information button

Click the button in the top right screen that has the human-shaped box, then scroll down to the bottom and choose Profile Setup.

Olymp Trade setup account profile
How to access Olymp Trade setup account profile
Olymp Trade profile setting
How to access Olymp Trade profile setting

Step 2: Fill in all the information

Then you need to fill in personal information including full name as on ID card, phone number in the country of residence. Activate email activation accounts in your mailbox.

Change personal information and setup secure olymptrade account
Change personal information and set up account securỉty

Step 3: Verify account in the Security section

You should complete Account Verification by contact support center and Two-Factor Authentication (SMS or Google Authenticator).

Deposit money into Olymp Trade – Start making money

Recharging your account to officially start making money with Olymp Trade. You have certainly gone through a few months of practice, make sure you are ready because once you top up, you probably won’t stop withdrawing.

5 steps to top up Olymp Trade, enter a discount code and notes:

Register Olymp Trade & Get Free $10,000 Get $10,000 free for newbies

Step 1: Select the amount to deposit to Olymp Trade

Go to the Olymp Trade deposit page

Pay attention at promotion code and risk-free trading
Pay attention at promotion code and risk-free trading

You will select the amount, enter the discount code, then press Next.

Step 2: Choose a payment method

Depending on your country, there will be a corresponding deposit method. Normally, users top up by Visa / Mastercard / E-wallet and Internet Banking.

Olymp Trade Payment method
Olymp Trade Payment method

Step 3: Complete the deposit verification

You will make a deposit based on the method you have chosen. Each option will take you to a different verification page.

Payment confirmation on Olymp Trade by Visa / MasterCard
Payment confirmation on Olymp Trade by Visa / MasterCard

Step 4: Take a photo of the top-up bill

You need to take a photo of your recharge bill, if something goes wrong you can use it as evidence to ask for support. To call for support, you can see the article below:

How to contact Olymp Trade Support Service:

Withdraw money at Olymp Trade

Withdrawals are very simple, withdrawal requests will be processed through the same payment method that you use to deposit funds. Olymp Trade offers you three withdrawal benefits:

  • Fast: Fast withdrawals within 24 hours for Expert account. Basic account is 72 hours.
  • No fees: Your fees are charged for every transaction on Olymp Trade so you will not lose any fee when you want to withdraw money.
  • Unlimited amount: There is no limit on the amount withdrawn, you can deposit or withdraw as much as you want.

Guide to withdraw money from Olymp Trade:

Step 1: Visit the Olymp Trade withdrawal page

You will need to access the withdrawal page

Step 2: Enter the amount you want to withdraw

You just need to enter the amount and select Send a request.

Withdraw money from Olymp Trade
Withdraw money from Olymp Trade

Step 3: Capture withdrawal request information.

Withdrawals will be processed within 1 business day. If it’s been over 1 working day, but your credit card, bank account, e-wallet haven’t received the money. Please contact Olymp Trade’s support service and use the transaction number of withdrawal.

How to speed up withdrawals on Olymp Trade

To speed up Olymp Trade withdrawals, you can do the following:

Notice to Olymp Trade Newbies

Practice trading with demo accounts a lot

As a beginner to Olymp Trade, you should trade with a Demo account. After 2 weeks if you have mastered the basics of Indicators, Candlestick Patterns, and have won quite a lot on a Demo account. You should start trading Olymp Trade with small amounts of $100. At this time, you should focus on signals of basic indicators such as Support / Resistance, Stochastic, Fibonacci. Don’t be too greedy to win and increase your stake, you may lose all if you don’t know the stop loss.

Manage your wallet well, create trading habits

You need good control of your wallet. Such things as set the rules of daily trading, make a list of stop-loss and take-profit points every day. For example, how many transactions per day? What is the total transaction amount? How much is allowed for losses? How much money does a day make, then stop? Creating such a habit will help you to control yourself better.

Practice trading every day with skills and strategies

You need to practice using indicators, models, strategies. provides instructions on how to read indicators.

Trading indicator guide:

Guide to trading candlestick pattern:

Guide to trading tactics:

Four things to know to practice trading on Olymp Trade :

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Olymp Trade Guide For Beginners – Detailed and Effective 2024
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