Binomo SCAM
Binomo SCAM

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What is Binomo?

Binomo is a betting broker in the form of Binary Options. This method is that you will choose whether the price will increase or the price will decrease in the near or far future.

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This requires not only knowledge, skills, calculations, but also luck. You can read a lot about candlestick patterns, indicators, strategies to be sensitive to signals.

But it is very difficult to read the market correctly. There is always an exception when the transaction time is too short. And the question that always disturbs Traders is whether the ups and downs of prices have been interfered with? This can only be answered by the reaction of the majority of floor participants, to know if the system is preprogrammed.

Is Binomo a scam?

Binomo advertised too much

Initially, when Traders joined Binomo, most of them were approached through advertisements. On Youtube, Tiktok, Facebook, Google is full of ads about Binomo with the banner “Easy to play, easy to win”. Giving you the feeling that betting will make it easy to make money without going anywhere and make sure you will receive 1000 EUR for the first time.

Binomo is a scam when compare with other brokers
Binomo is a scam when compare with other brokers

Experiencing the demo account, I do not know if there is any software impact, but 90% of the players said they all won on the demo account. But on the real account is the opposite, they encounter many cases of discomfort when all the indicators and forecasts are correct until the last 1-2 seconds when the price suddenly changes unexpectedly. It does not happen often but occurs at important times, this feeling of despair causes Traders to gradually lose trust in Binomo and start to find the truth.

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Binomo on Forums

Traders who do not give up brokers will continue their path of winning or losing, sometimes burning money, sometimes making money. They all only know the result once withdrawing all the money then leave the broker behind. Traders who have a lot of experience know how to control themself, they can make money successfully in a long time because they have their own rules of stopping. But everything till last withdrawal just stops at the money in the account.

Most of the opinions mention Binomo is a scam, giving their terrible circumstances with their deposit and withdrawals. They show this broker really a scam platform.

Binomo lock account and keep trader money without reason
Binomo lock the account and keep trader money without reason

Many forum sites did share bad cases about Binomo. They talk about their experiences on Binomo, when depositing then receive the notification of the deposit success, but can’t see the money in the account. Sometimes they are betting, their account suddenly sign out then lose money and not be refunded. In some cases, their money is held for 21 days of unknown reasons after doing a withdrawal transaction. The reasons responded by Binomo Support Services are website errors, network errors, banking system errors, and bank transfer problems but who knows?

Most of the problems happen when investors withdraw with all their money, showing the signs of fully stop trading, Binomo knows that then keeps their money. So, until now, after sharing on the forums, it is not clear whether they have successfully withdrawn money or not. But it’s not fun if money comes back at the right time the currency rate in their country falls.

Binomo show a scam when abaddon withdrawal support
Binomo show a scam when defusing withdrawal support service

So is Binomo a scam?

Among the few good shares about Binomo, many have successfully withdrawn all their money to their wallet. Some people withdraw little money and stop playing, some people withdraw a lot and stop playing. Some withdrew all their money and re-entered the game, so it is not clear whether Binomo was a scam.

Binomo is not a scam and totally logitimate opinion
Binomo is not a scam and totally legitimate opinion

However, feedback on the broker Binomo complaining is more than praise. Even a Google search with the keyword Binomo scam returns 159,000 results.

If you were, would you join a community that received a lot of negative feedback? Not to mention, most of the positive comments were from the hidden agenda of promoting. Besides, we checked in several popular sites and forums and it seems that the reputation of this broker is pretty bad with complaints about rude and incompetent customer support, denied withdrawals, cold calling, etc.

Advice about Binomo

The greater the risk, the higher the profit

Of course, you have been suffering from ambiguity that the profits are not seen yet, it will not be comfortable at all. Many Traders are annoyed when it comes to Binomo because of the times they see the unbelievable move of price when they are betting an all-in, they lose thousands of dollars.

Those are the people who actually play Binomo and lose. How about the number of posts that share: “How did I make billions from Binomo?”, “The 25-year-old girl bought a house, bought a car by making money Binomo”, they are all advertising. Personally, I find these posts to be very ridiculous, and I believe Binomo is a scam.

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It is best to stop

If you are not adventurous, you can stop researching this topic. Because in essence, broker rules are betting. There is always a risk when you do not understand everything, and brokers are always doubted by the Trader community. But it is true that there are still a lot of big winners. The choice of whether to continue or stop is up to you.

Choose broker

Anyway, these are also Olymp Trade, Binary Option for you to research. Each platform has a large number of users, its operating system which doesn’t match with the others so you need to choose a highly reputable, popular platform.

We never deeply know their system, but the majority opinion might help a little bit. If an exchange does influence the market price, it is best to stay away.

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Is Binomo legit or not? Why people said Binomo scam? Binomo is a scam!
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