Sentiment indicator is a majority indicator, showing the trend of the market is more buying or more selling

Sentiment indicator in trading – Following the others

The Sentiment is a simple indicator, it shows the difference the whole floor between up and down by calculating the number of orders increased and decreased
Parabolic SAR indicator Define and How to use

Parabolic SAR indicator definition – How to use

The Parabolic SAR (PSAR) indicator is used to monitor the trend of the asset's rising/falling trend and also forecasts the price reversal.
RSI Indicator define and using guide

Relative Strength Index (RSI) Indicator – Definition and Using Guide

The Relative Strength Index (RSI) is a type of oscillator indicator used to alert trends that are about to begin to reverse.
DeMarker indicator, define and how to use

DeMarker (DeM) indicator – The Defines and How to use

The DeMarker indicator is the basic indicators. If you wanna know what the DeMarker indicator is, this article will answer questions and guide read signals.
Simple Moving Average (SMA) definition and how to use it

Simple Moving Average (SMA) Define and How to use

What is the Simple Moving Average (SMA) indicator? This article will show you how SMA can expect the price to change direction should buy or sell by signals
MACD indicator in Trading, Analysis

MACD indicator in trading, understand the signals to make money

The MACD indicator shows the relationship between two moving averages line.. This article will help you notice the important things about MACD signal
Bollinger Bands indicator in analyzing the foreign exchange market

What is Bollinger Bands and how to use it

Bollinger Bands is a technical analysis tool which highly used by the investor. This article will help you know what Bollinger Bands is and how to use it.
Why is my account blocked on Olymp Trade? 7 reasons

Why is my account blocked on Olymp Trade? 7 reasons

Your Olymp Trade account is locked, causing you great anxiety. The article will give the reasons and instructions on how to unlock your account quickly and effectively.
Is Olymp Trade scam or not? Is trading in Olymp Trade safe?

Is Olymp Trade SCAM or not? Is trading on Olymp Trade safe?

Is Olymp Trade scam? Is trading safe on Olymp Trade? We will help you know how Olymp Trade works to answer the central question: Is Olymp Trade fraud?
Pending order when trading on Olymp Trade - How to make a delay trade

Pending order when trading on Olymp Trade – Make a delay trade

Creating a pending order is a good method on Olymp Trade. Placing a pending order will save you time, increase accuracy when applying tactics.