What is the Ponzi Scheme, how it fraud people in Fixed Time Trade

What is Ponzi Scheme – Fixed Time Trade with Ponzi Scheme

A Ponzi scheme is a form of fraud that lures investors and pays profits to earlier investors with funds from more recent investors. When participating in trust funds of trading, it is easy to participate in this scheme without knowing it.

If you have learned about Fixed Time Trade or the Forex market, you must always come across ads for some trust fund for Fixed Time Trade (FTT) trading. I advise you not to join these funds, you will not only lose money but also many more things.

What is the Ponzi scheme?

Ponzi is a completely fraudulent scheme that takes money from latecomers to pay early comers. For each person you refer successfully, you will receive a portion of the referral money or use the winning investment money of the next person as a profit. But in fact, it is the investment money of later join people. Use high returns to tempt as many participants as possible.

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The trustee uses his or her reputation, flashiness, and charisma to commit to paying high returns. Investors are excited and persuaded by their commitment to safety and “dream profits”. Just like that, giving potential investors to child branches, the trustee has extremely flashy with elegant appearance, rich life with a promise about using the funds to invest to make a profit.

What is Ponzi scheme, how does the Ponzi pyramid work?
What is the Ponzi scheme, how does the Ponzi pyramid work?

The scam is still effective for those who arrive early, as soon as possible the interest becomes too large and the number of new participants is saturated, the Ponzi scheme goes bankrupt. The people at the top of the pyramid then announce bankruptcy and disappear. The top branches person that have sold their reputation to refer more people will be destroyed as the domino effect.

Trust Fund Fixed Time Trade

Fixed Time Trade return

Making money on FTT exchanges is not much difficult. There are many Traders who make a steady 5% profit per day.

That comfort comes only as long as a personal account invests under $5000. Earning 50$ a day is possible.

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Contrary to the $1 million accounts, to have a 5% net profit equal to $50.000 a day is a headache. Although there are enough conditions to do this, it affects the decision in some way.

One simple reason, if they found that money every day, there really is no need for your investment. So do your own research and study transactions to not deliver eggs to the wrong person.

You should entrust ads that commit extremely high returns, they are mostly scams in nature. You need to think carefully before deciding to invest through others.


The Ponzi scheme is developing in many countries. To avoid it, you can learn from experienced individuals, stock trading courses, but absolutely do not participate in Ponzi funds. Not only lose money but also make you dream about a magic money-making channel. Dazzling you, make you call people around you to join, because of the high return of system share commissions. For example joining $1,000 gets 1% commission, then investment $10,000 gets 10% commission. Once the scheme breaks down, the relationships you already have will collapse.

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