Is Olymp Trade scam or not? Is trading in Olymp Trade safe?
Is Olymp Trade scam or not? Is trading in Olymp Trade safe?

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Is Olymp Trade scam? Should you make money on Olymp Trade? Is Olymp Trade an opportunity to make money for me?… This article will answer your question as much before you start trading on Olymp Trade. We will help you know how Olymp Trade works to answer the main question that is Olymp Trade fraud?

First of all, about myself, I am a financial analyst working in Singapore, so I have been accessed by almost all foreign currency brokers around the world. You may not now believe in me, but what I wrote was my experiences after researching and trading on Olymp Trade. After a long time of expertise and becoming successful. Hopefully, my knowledge will help society through

Is Olymp Trade a scam?

If you have learned about trading in financial markets, you must be familiar with both Fixed Time Trade and Forex trading. Olymp Trade is a broker operating mainly on these two types of transactions.

So, does Olymp Trade simply trick you into making a deposit? The answer is NO. Investors will not allow risking their money based on pleasure or excitement. They will analyze asset fluctuation and choose profitable deals. This job will take time for investors to research carefully.

Is Olymp Trade scam or not? Is trading in Olymp Trade safe?
Is Olymp Trade a scam or not? Is trading in Olymp Trade safe?

And according to statistics(*), on average, two months after start trading, investors will begin to regain profitability steadily. During this period, if they find problems caused by Olymp Trade, they will send a complaint to the World Financial Commission.

*This statistic is aggregated based on new traders but is well prepared for a long time.

The thought of Olymp Trade fraud? It only exists in the mindset of young investors, rushing to deposit money without the knowledge of currency trading.

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Why is there an opinion that the Olymp Trade platform is a scam?

Most come from forums that investors often use. For some reason, 90% of the basis for this opinion spread from users using third-party software that interferes with the system. Most orders placed through the Bot (Automated Analyzers) are usually easy to recognize. In that way, Olymp Trade put them on the list of users who have fraudulent problems and detained their money to investigate. The investigation time can be prolonged because of frustration, so the player tells people that Olymp Trade is a scam.

With 8% of the users unable to win orders, losses in a long-time. It becomes more and more frustrating to speak badly everywhere.

Olymp Trade not for people with hot heads. Therefore, at a loss, they often get angry without thinking carefully.
Olymp Trade not for people with hotheads. Therefore, at a loss, they often get angry without thinking carefully.

There will be 1% because you do not read the terms of use carefully and violate Olymp Trade’s rules and then get locked out of the account. You can see the article 7 reasons why your Olymp Trade trading account is blocked:

And the remaining 1% happens by having problems with the funds withdrawn to the wallet. The time may be short, more extended depending on the time of the incident, and you can not know the cause. The investors may be so angry, word of mouth that Olymp Trade tries to hold their money will soonly spread. As you know, the money flow between countries that may not even be taxable, so the money transfer can be a bit complicated.

Is trading on Olymp Trade legal or not?

As I said above, if you have research on Fixed Time Trade and Forex, you also know this is a type of commodity trading, which they are bought at low prices and sold at high rates will generate profits. The only difference is that they are trading online.

Is trading on Olymp Trade legal or not?
Is trading on Olymp Trade legal or not?

Participation in trading financial assets is allowed in any developed country. If you want to increase your savings, just join this field. You must choose a reliable broker to get a comfortable trading environment. It doesn’t matter what type of trading you like. Even if you decide to focus on selling, it is not a gamble.

Certifications are the hallmark of a trading platform’s reliability. The International Finance Commission certified the Olymp Trade platform in 2016, which shows the platform’s high-quality standards. Besides, the quality of the broker transactions has been confirmed by a reputable independent service called Verify My Trade.

The reputation of Olymp Trade platform is very high

World ranking by

In the age of the internet, any website has its ranking. And it all depends on the amount of user traffic, of course, there are some other standards but it’s the main reason. Olymp Trade is one of the currency markets with massive traffic and high rankings on the world ranking. You can check it by visiting and viewing the indicators of the Olymp Trade trading platform. The current ranking of Olymp Trade worldwide is about 1000.

Olymp Trade Information on
Olymp Trade Information on

Check Olymp Trade’s traffic on

Where does the access come? Which countries? Indeed, with 18 languages supported, the truck must be from those 18 countries. But those primary services are mostly English, so there will undoubtedly be more countries around the world using theme. You can use, a free website to review any website.

With you can check the traffic of any website, you can see where that traffic is coming. So, visit to view information on the Olymp Trade platform.

Check Olymp Trade's traffic on
Check Olymp Trade’s traffic on

As you have just checked, if you do not join Olymp Trade, there are still about 3 million people every day joining this platform. You can switch to another market if you are not assured. However, in my opinion, the markets are the same, except for the interface and support tools.

Olymp Trade is a member of FinancialCommission

Olymp Trade has been a member of the International Financial Commission (Financial Commission) since 2016. The main objective of this organization is to protect the rights of traders—another reason why Olymp Trade will not be a scam financial institution.

Olymp Trade is a member of FinancialCommission
Olymp Trade is a member of FinancialCommission

Earning huge profits could not put you at a disadvantage. Olymp Trade is concerned about both the high activity level and the success of clients. It’s often confirmed by posts published in the company’s traders community forums. If you have a problem, which suspected to be caused by Olymp Trade, you can submit a complaint to to claim benefits.

The relationship between the banker and the player

It is not difficult for you to feel that Olymp Trade is like gambling; it must have a trick but not. Assuming Olymp Trade is a Banker, and you are the Bettor, it’s different from gambling with:

  • Users are allowed to see the view in detail.
  • There are also support tools for chart analysis.
  • Make sure you carefully read the terms and then proceed to agree to deposit for trading.
  • You can trade indefinitely on the trading platform with the Demo account.
  • Always have one support staff.
  • There is a financial advisor.

Platform’s staff will always actively support you in making profits. They will never trick you.

So, where is the profit of the banker?

Most professional bankers don’t use tricks to deceive you. Their money comes from the most basic rules. It is your greed, you win a lot, but once desire arises inside, you will lose everything. When you drown in the volatility of your trades, you can lose everything with the wrong order. So to win the banker, you need to keep a cool head and maintain your principles.

हिन्दी Indonesia Tiếng Việt العربية

Is Olymp Trade SCAM or not? Is trading on Olymp Trade safe?
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  1. Honestly, i’m monday Ausi. It has not been easy for me trading with olymptrade ever since December 20, 2020. I keep on spending money here and there, But all to lose everything. I don’t really know why i trusted this broker and it’s almost eating my money , i would have plan something good but i keep on spending money on this platform all because i have seen different people lying online that they’re making money with olymptrade that’s was why i got myself into this mess. I have been trading for 3 months, and i can earn up to 23’000$ with demo account then why is that if i just switch to live account the candles will start moving faster, and every movement will change automatically.

  2. Quite a detailed explanation of olymp trade, the info is good. I rarely recommend s.o but joining Olymp trader is a good choice to gain experience not only with your own mistakes, but you can teach smb else’s ones.

  3. For me, the confirmation that OT is a normal broker are the folowing two factors. Firstly, it is as simple and fast as possible to withdraw money, you do not need to confirm anything or do something like that. You just leave the request in your personal cabinet and the money will be immediately on your bank card. Secondly, there are no managers who dictate how to trade or lead you to the loss of capital. On the contrary, everything here is focused on the independent work of a trader, which can become more qualitative due to the training materials provided by brokers. This is all that I need. All the same, you need to take responsibility!

  4. The screenshot is really indicative: people who fail in trading because of lack of the essential skills will blame everything around them but not themselves.
    Olymp trade is a really nice broker with competitve commissions and really convenient platform. I don’t know what else can a trader expect from the brokerage. Olymp provides its clients with all the necessary financial instruments and nice conditions. Their platform is user-friendly and informative: there are many tools which are necessary for technical analysis along with the great variety of different indicators.
    Surely, the most important thing is withdrawal but I have never faced any problems related with getting money to the bank card. It doesn’t happen momentarily but I always get the money within 48 hours, which is acceptable.

  5. I hate those brokers who don’t offer the opportunity to fully trade from a mobile phone or tablet. I also know that Olymp Trade has a special mobile application which is very handy and there are no problems with it. If you like to work from your phone, then Olymp Trade will be just right for you.

  6. This broker gives me new opportunities. I can say that I don’t regret joining this brokerage company. The main thing is that it gives me new opportunities in trading. For example, it gives me a chance to enter the market when I hesitate to do this. I would hesitate a lot when trading on other platforms with classical trading conditions such as Metatrader. Their web platform allows me to act differently. For example, if I feel shy and uncertain about the market situation because I see a cunning flat market where I can lose at any time, I simply enter the market with the safest possible parameters. I mean I choose a small fixed amount and a small multiplier value. In this case, I will not lose a lot but once I enter the market I will feel it and it will become evident whether I need to open one more trade with riskier settings in my direction or choose another direction or simply wait for some time.

  7. It is one of the most suitable brokers for beginners because there is a virtual demo account and the minimum deposit is only 10 euros. I have not much experience yet, but I have already managed to earn something on this platform, although at the beginning I lost a big sum for me. But then I began to understand how it all works. The main thing is to make small bets and follow the market, with time you can figure it out. And although I have not been with Olimp trade for long time, but the predictive indicators work well, much more often they predict correctly than not.

  8. I have read somewhere similar point of view and I totally agree with what you said. However, there are also some other things could be mentioned on this topic, but overall I like what you described.

  9. To me, if you don’t think the Olymp Trade is reliable or a fake, you can immediately leave it and find another platform.

    Olymp Trade still survives with 972,000 visitors per day. It will survive and develop in the future.

    I hope that you can be responsible for your choice of being a trader on Olymp Trade. Maybe one day, Olymp Trade is locked or just disappears or we will realize that it is just a fraud. If that happens, we may feel disappointed, but we are fully responsible for our choices.

    I do not want to try to persuade you to join this option but please do more research. If you doubt that Olymp Trade is a fraud, you can check and compare it with other platforms that you think they can trust. Look at their pros and cons and decide from there.

  10. You know, I’ve been trading for many years now. I’ve worked with several brokers before and stopped at Olymp. To my sincere regret, in order to find out that Olymp Trade brokerage is not a scam, I had to try the taste of scam from other brokerages.

  11. No, the Olymptrade is not a scam. The proof is; It has been in operation since 2014. If the retailer was a scam, they would close for a long time! They have many traders around the world and a large number of Thai traders trade with Olymptrade. They are real traders and are one of the 5 best real estate traders in Thailand from which traders can really make money. They are also type A members of the Finance Committee (FINACOM) which ensures that all transactions on the platform are clear and appropriate for clients. I have been trading with them for some time, of course I gain and lose, but it all depends on me how I will trade all the time. When I lost, I took it as a lesson and learned to advance my new career and not make the same simple mistake anymore. There is Olymptrade, corporate traders in Thailand on Facebook. I joined the group and see a lot of real traders trading with Olimp trade. They share their trading decisions, one loser and one winner, and tell the village why they won or lost. This shows that the Olymptrade is not a compromise because there are actually compromises. But I didn’t buy the real story. I’ve been on the account for a while now and I thought it would be amazing for a broker to give you a fake money account to trade for free, to show you don’t use the team. an experienced trader and took money from us. They want to make sure we know the stores before they move on to the actual store. All in all, I have no problems or doubts about the Olymptrade. One hundred percent of them are not scams!

  12. I like that I have support 24 hours a day. Support staff is always available to solve any problems and answer any questions. They are qualified and know many technical details of the transaction.

  13. I would not say that Olymp Trade is an innovative broker full of high-end features and tools. No, they make a decent trading platform that’s a pleasure to use, and it’s full of tools we’re all used to. I’ll mention something very unusual right now. In fact, the broker does not have any spreads, but charges a commission. I mean more and more brokers are staying away from commissions these days, but their spreads are really high. Olymp trae has chosen another development path and I should say there are some pros out there. Before starting a new trade, you have a clear idea of all fees and will not be surprised by widening spreads. So, that predictability appeals to me.

  14. Forex trading is a legitimate way to earn extra income. However, with the growing popularity, Forex scams have also increased. Before you decide to get involved, it is important to know how to spot a Forex scam.

    I once lost over $12,000 to fake brokers offering all sorts of interesting packages, only to end up disappointed because I can no longer access my account. I was referred to a cybersecurity expert, though after a while. Try to avoid Forex traders, you are not sure.


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