Combines Trendline, Support and Resistance indicator
Combines Trendline, Support and Resistance indicator

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Use Trendline combines Support and Resistance at the weekends on cryptocurrencies is trending. However, on the weekends, the payout is quite low and you can only place orders for 5 minutes are disadvantages.

This poses an advantage for freelance investors mainly because at this time large investment companies have also stopped trading. The fluctuations are no longer abnormal, but become softer, helping you to analyze and grasp better.


The trendline is a strong, accurate, and safe indicator in Fixed Time Trade. You can read through the article below.

What is the Trendline indicator? How to use Trendline for long position

It is a basic indicator, so the accuracy is not much high but it is a standard measure for other indicators. Perfectly suited to combine with support/resistance indicator to create a crossover line, find a safe reversal point.

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Use the trendline in combination with Support/Resistance

The main trendline of the market is going up or down, however, there still temporary fluctuations area. At those, the pattern of support and resistance lines is relatively easy to spot but they often change over time. This change is why understanding Trendline will make it easier for you to catch reasonable highs and lows.

Breakout Support and Resistance entry position on Fixed Time Trade

Trendlines are a line easy to see that they are highs on a line and troughs on a line with the shape is slopes, at which point prices often reverse to avoid crossing the threshold. This line is called the trendline. That’s the main reason for combining them with the Support and Resist indicators.


Signals of each indicator

Usually, the price will not be strong enough to break out, and the signal may also not be clear to break out support and resistance. You should only trade with the reversal point at normal conditions.

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Signal when combining Trendline with Support and Resistance indicator

When combined with the Trendline, you will get a strong signal from the crossover point between the two indicators. We need to find a strong Trendline, going through many highs or lows in a long trend.

Trendline with support and resistance indicator
Trendline with support and resistance indicator

With this line in the future, when the price surpasses the intersection zone between the two indicators, then it will definitely be about to breakout.

The right time to open a trending trade is when the price touches the Trendline and reverses at the middle between the Support and Resistance indicator.

With this scope, you have to focus on a long position. Even though they are fundamental signals, the combination of the two indicators also takes practice to be able to accurately analyze them.

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