How to trade Fixed Time Trade with Bitcoin on Olymp Trade
How to trade Fixed Time Trade with Bitcoin on Olymp Trade

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Fixed Time Trade with Bitcoin

The majority of Fixed Time Trade players do not choose to trade with virtual currencies (cryptocurrency) such as BitCoin, Ethereum, Litecoin. Cryptocurrencies are not based on any market at all, so during the week Traders will trade with the more predictable asset class. Only when all markets close on Saturday and Sunday do people think about cryptocurrency. So at the end of the week, when you have more time to research, virtual currency is the most suitable asset to practice.

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Cryptocurrency on Olymp Trade

Trading cryptocurrency is one of the best things to make money online at the weekend. Currently, there are 10 virtual currencies at Olymp Trade. However, for newbies, you can only trade with Bitcoin because it is more popular than other currencies, you are also easier to research because it is old, has a lot of information.


Bitcoin is an asset whose price fluctuates quickly and unexpectedly. In March 2020, the price dropped to $3000 after only a few hours, so, is Bitcoin safe to trade Fixed Time Trade?

Almost all assets are influenced by a market, while popular assets like Bitcoin are of interest to investors around the world. So for the price to reverse when starting a trend within 2 to 3 hours is very difficult.

So Bitcoin is relatively easy to trade once you have grasped the trend development point. You must practice getting used to the resting periods of the chart to predict the starting point of a new trend.

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In a stabilization phase, the price will move sideways in an easy-to-see channel, creating easy-to-detect support and resistance areas. Just analyze with indicators to find the time when the price breaks out of the channel.

How to trade Fixed Time Trade Bitcoin assets

With the Support and Resistance indicator like the base indicator, you can also use other indicators, to assist in finding Breakout points.

Breakout Support and Resistance entry position on Fixed Time Trade

To trade Fixed Time Trade with Bitcoin assets you should set up a 5-minute candlestick, use a 15-20 minute trade. You also trade 10-minute candlestick and make 60-minute trade.

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