What is Fixed Time Trade?
What is Fixed Time Trade?

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What is Fixed Time Trade?

Fixed Time Trade (FTT) is the most popular mode available on the Olymp Trade, Binomo, IQ Option platform. FTT mode allows you to make trades for a limited period of time and receive a fixed rate of return for a correct prediction about the changes of currency, stock, and other asset prices.

Is Fixed Time Trade a scam?

Fixed Time Trade is not gambling

With the description above, you definitely know that it only has 2 types of transaction orders: UP (increasing) or DOWN (decreasing). At first glance, it may seem like a game of chance, a kind of gambling. So is it as fraudulent as online gambling? Not so, this is a type of trading that requires research and study to have positive results.

Jesse Livermore said:

“There is nothing new in Wall Street. There can’t be because speculation is as old as the hills. Whatever happens in the stock market today has happened before and will happen again.”

Make order is just a way to start the process, for achieving success, you must know how to read the fluctuations of assets. It is technical analysis skills that include Trading Strategies, Indicators, and Candlestick Patterns rather than simply relying on chance. Learning from the experience of Demo mode on Olymp Trade will help you improve your skills a lot.

The rumor of Brokers handled the result is not correct

There are a lot of people on trading forums trying to prove that brokers like Olymp Trade, Binomo, IQ Option control their trading results. This is understandable when trading on the platform has price changes by millisecond, so the price fluctuations will be difficult to please all players.

The rumors about brokers control fixed time trade result are not correct
The rumors about brokers control fixed time trade result are not correct

In essence, brokers are providing analytical tools support for your participating in Fixed Time Trade, Forex trading. The money they earn comes from the fee earned for every transaction you make and every time you lose your orders. There is also trial play mode (demo), expert advice every week, every month, and a huge online library of trading techniques.

They will make money from the most fundamental human rules, that is your feelings. Greed will be able to take all your money away at any time.

How to play Fixed Time Trade is common

You should be following under factors to make a transaction:

  1. Trading assets: You have to choose any currency pair such as USD / EUR, stocks, any virtual currency to participate in prediction. Corresponding to each traded asset will have a certain rate of refund. The highest can be up to 90%.
  2. Prediction Time: This is the fixed time mentioned in the Fixed Time Trade description. The minimum time is 1 minute for an order but sometimes forced to trade 5 minutes, 10 minutes.
  3. Trade amount: You fill in the trade amount, your profit will depend on your stake.
  4. Choose Up or Down: If you predict after a period of time the price will go up so you choose Up, and in the opposite, you will choose Down.
Fixed Time Trade Using Guide
Fixed Time Trade Using Guide

How to make money from Fixed Time Trade

Keep learning

This mode actually kind of gambling, but requires a lot of knowledge, not merely chance. You need to experiment a lot at the Demo account on Olymp Trade platform to learn. You should learn about indicators, patterns, trading strategies.

Control your emotions

The nature of the participant in this model is that greed often leads to unending results. So you need to be calm, do not let the excitement win, the anger at the loss, the loss, and the impatience to want to get back for the period of self-control.

Set daily limits for Fixed Time Trade

Not only FTT in particular, but you also need to set your own limits for all kinds of transactions. Eg:

  • Only allowed to lose $50/day.
  • Can deposit up to $100/day.
  • Only wagering up to 10 times/day.
  • The maximum of an order is $20.
  • Stop right now if you lose 3 times in a row.

Those tips put you in the right place, preventing you from becoming an emotionally controlled person that will lead to being a loser.

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