Olymp Trade wins best mobile trading platform award 2020
Olymp Trade wins best mobile trading platform award 2020

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Olymp Trade’s awards collection already includes Best Trading Platform, Best Customer Support Broker, Best Mobile Experience, and Best Investment Broker titles. Last but not least, the broker’s mobile trading platform was named best in its class by World Finance.

We congratulate Olymp Trade’s team and community on this honor. It’s yet another sign of recognition for our customer-centered approach, tons of hard work, and a lot of research.

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About World Finance

Word Finance is a quarterly magazine providing comprehensive coverage of economic events for investors, money managers, and other finance professionals. The topics include insurance, investment management, hedge funds, digital banking, and financial services. As the name suggests, World Finance is all about making, spending, saving, and increasing capital.

To highlight the industry’s brightest achievements, World Finance gives annual awards to top-performers in different sectors. As for Forex brokers, they compete in 10 nominations, including best-ofs in various regions.

In 2021, the Best Mobile Trading Platform award went to Olymp Trade. We see a victory in this highly competitive sector as a major success.

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Why a Mobile Platform is a Must-have in 2021

While most prominent FX brokers offer both desktop and mobile apps, studies show that the number of mobile traders is rapidly increasing. There are three big reasons behind this growth.

  1. More and more Forex traders switch to mobile devices. Pocket-size trading platforms are always at hand, making it easier for us to grab a profit-making opportunity as soon as it arises. It’s the best option for an active person who moves around a lot instead of staying at a computer all day long.
  2. Due to the recent lockdowns, dozens of millions of people were grounded for months with abnormally huge amounts of free time. Combine it with a sense of insecurity about the future and an urge to find extra sources of income, and you will get a perfect storm for a mobile Forex trading boost. While many people have no desktop computers at home, almost everyone owns a smartphone.
  3. The quality of mobile internet has been dramatically improved to cope with the increased workload. Mobile FX traders in large cities are among the biggest beneficiaries here. The 5G networks featuring higher capacity provided them with faster and more stable internet connection. It’s a game-changer when your earnings depend on if you can open/close a position at any moment.
Olymp Trade wins best mobile trading platform award 2020
Olymp Trade wins best mobile trading platform award 2020

Why Olymp Trade Deserves This Award

Mobile traders making up the largest target audience, all serious Forex brokers go to great lengths to enhance their mobile platforms’ competitiveness.

In this light, we are happy to see that a record number of World Finance’s rederas have named Olymp Trade the best mobile trading app in the Forex sector.

Our award-winning mobile platform features:

  • Intuitive, visually attractive, and consistent UI
    The app’s design ensures users can find immediate solutions for their issues. One glance should be enough to figure out the location of the feature or a tool you need.
  • 3 trading modes
    Depending on your skill level and preferences, you can opt for the FTT (Fixed Time Trade), FX (Forex), or SPT (Stock Price Trade) mode.
  • Additional resources, including analytical features and educational materials
    Most newbies need experts’ guidance to master advanced instruments and strategies. Olymp Trade’s mobile platform provides you with insights, tons of educational resources, trading tips and hints.
  • 24/7 Customer Support
    Our Customer Support works around the clock to resolve your doubts. They are quick to react and speak many languages, including yours.

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Thanks to Everyone!

The Olymp Trade team is grateful to all the voters who supported us on the World Finance website. The fact that so many people found time to show appreciation for our work means a world to us. We are happy to add this trophy to our list.

See the complete collection of Olymp Trade’s awards here.

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Olymp Trade Wins Best Mobile Trading Platform Award
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