Best fixed time trade strategies

Best fixed time trade strategies (Part 2)

This articles is part 2 of series Best strategies for fixed time trade. We will talk about Reflection, Relative Strength and Sliding on Averages.
Best fixed time trade Part 1

Best fixed time trade strategies (Part 1)

Beginner status will be given to new accounts on Olymp Trade. You will be provided with the following fixed time trade strategies.
Trading currency in the Forex market

What are needed for currency trading on the Forex market

Since currencies in the Forex market are always traded in pairs, the first question a trader needs to answer is which currency pair would be best to trade, and when to get in and out of the market.
Wyckoff Trading Method

What is Wyckoff Trading Method? How to use it?

The Wyckoff trading method came into the world 100 years ago but still endures in the market as a profitable trading strategy.
Simple trading Techniques for forex trading

Top 10 Simple Trading Techniques with Olymp Trade

This article share ten simple techniques that will be useful for beginners in formulating their strategies and for advanced traders to expand their list of trading methods.
Identifying a trend on ethereum chart

Technical and Fundamental Analysis in Trading Online

To profit in Forex, traders need to make correct price forecasts. There are two types of activities that help produce such correct forecasts.
Olymp Trade Basic Technical Basic Chart Bar

Make money by Trade on basic chart pattern

This article covers the most commonly used chart patterns and shares some tips on how to best do that. Help you make money more and more.
Paper Trading Olymp Trade

Paper Trading: A conservative alternative to a demo account on Olymp Trade

Someday every trader learns about Paper Trading. Even large trading companies offer their trainees to begin with working out a trading session in a notepad.
Top 10 technical trading on Olymp Trade

Top 10 Techniques for Successful Trading on Olymp Trade

Can we call this list of methods for analyzing the asset price when trading on Olymp Trade complete? Certainly not, but now you understand what direction you can move in.
Lite coins Olymp Trade

Litecoin Trading: A Brief Guide for Beginners

In 2021, Litecoin is still a very good asset to trade, especially if you have no problems with self-control. We can never say it enough: any crypto is a high-risk/high-return asset that should be approached with a cool head.
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