Trading strategy by candlestick color in Olymp Trade

Candlestick strategy – Trade with candle color to trade Fixed Time Trade in Olymp Trade

If you’ve ever played Binomo, IQ Option, Grand Capital, HighLow… you will probably realize most of these platforms based on price. But only Olymp Trade allows you to use many tools, especially Japanese Candles.

The article will guide you to trade with Candlestick color, the simple but effective way to succeed. You just need a cool head and some necessary statistical skills.

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What is playing Fixed Time Trade by candle color?

Let’s take a look at the rules of the Japanese Olymp Trade Candlestick chart. The Japanese Candlestick chart will have a lot of candles with two colors RED and GREEN, and each candle corresponds to a timeline that you set for the graph (15s, 1m, 5m 10m, 30m,…). Playing by candle color means that you win or lose entirely based on the color of the candle, not the price. To understand it, I will briefly outline the following concepts:

  • A GREEN candle corresponds to the end of that period, and the asset prices have risen.
  • The RED candle shows that asset prices have dropped after the fixed time.
  • If you place a UP order, then at the end of the trade, you will win profit when the candle is in GREEN status.
  • In the case of DOWN, at the end of the trading time, the candle enters RED status, you win the principal + commission.

This style is a game of inspiration, habit, luck rather than tactics. All you need is to open an order at the beginning of the time that creates a candle.

Countdown time

On the interface will appear a countdown timer. It represents the time to start the next candle. Your task is to predict whether the next candle will UP or DOWN. You also need to rely a little on the trend of old trees to make a premise for predicting.

  1. It’s time to complete a candle. You can customize by clicking on the number.
  2. Countdown time until the candle complete, and the next candle starts.
  3. The time to set up your next transaction.
Countdown time ends a candle in Olymp Trade
Countdown time ends a candle in Olymp Trade.

Rules for playing Japanese Candles

Your job now is to wait until the countdown time returns to 00:00 and press the UP / DOWN. Make sure that you decided which order you are going to start, and then wait until the end of the timer and a new candle is formed.

For example, if you set the countdown time to 30 minutes, then you will wait for the timer to count 00:01 and immediately press UP / DOWN. The screen shows you placed the correct order 30:00, and now you have entered the proper way to play according to the color of the candle.

The points in Figures 1, 2, and 3 must be at the same time.

Rulers of trade candlesticks color when trading Fixed Time Trade in Olymp Trade
Rulers of trade Candlestick color when trading Fixed Time Trade in Olymp Trade

The advantage of Candlestick color style

Of course, any method of trading has its advantages. There are many ways to make money on Olymp Trade, and this type of play is the most entertaining.

The variable value of assets is extremely low

For every property you choose to play Fixed Time Trade on Olymp Trade, they all have extremely low price fluctuations up to 5 digits after the decimal point. These fluctuations can make you worry when you thought you could make a profit, but you immediately lose. Only if you follow the color of the candle, you will only have to care about the color of the next candle without having to care about the price.

Restricting the endless opening of orders at the same time

When playing Fixed Time Trade, you undoubtedly experienced the feeling that you rely entirely on graph prediction strategics. You lose money several times when the charts and indicators clearly show that the price will increase, but it did decrease. You stick to the theory and continue to open lots of parallel orders and think you will win until you recognize there are not enough to perform STOP LOSS anymore.

Trading candlesticks color style to avoid repeat orders on Olymp Trade
Trading candlestick color style to avoid repeat orders on Olymp Trade

By following the rules of the Candlestick color game, you will only need to focus on the last countdown. You will then have to wait for this order to finish before you can place another order.

Simple, lucky, entertaining

You will no need to think much, and you can play today and find yourself unlucky, you quickly stop to do other things and play in the next day. If you feel that way, trading is full of entertainment and making money without stress. Just practice click skills at the right time the candles created.

To play this style, you only need to be proficient in statistical probability analysis. Choose the time frame for which green/red candles appear alternately. Statistics of the last ten candles, notice the percentage of UP / DOWN.

The downside of playing in the color of candles

That said, playing with candles on Olymp Trade still has its drawbacks.

Influenced by emotions that type the Martingale style

This method of playing is very vulnerable to emotions. If you encounter a few cases of candles with the same color, you will quickly raise the bet, and just one loss will lose you all.

Trade Fixed Time Trade with Martingale in Olymp Trade
Trade Fixed Time Trade with Martingale in Olymp Trade

Need to prepare careful research

You usually need a few weeks to understand how to play Fixed Time Trade. But with the way to play according to the color of Japanese Candles, you need to consider statistics for 30 days, 10 days, 5 days. Statistics of the same time frame, the rate of occurrence of green candles alternating red candle is high or low.

Check which assets they appear in, so choose 15 minutes or 30 minutes. And there are many ways of statistical analysis to conclude.

When you hold 80% of the candle color statistics at each time frame, now you should play to make money.

Statistics need patience rather than analytical knowledge

When you have traded a lot on Olymp Trade, you must have owned some ways to play and knowledge of chart analysis. The more you know, the more confused you are. When you place a candle order, you will suddenly think: “This candle is about to enter the support and resistance… Wait! The order time is over, and I missed it” So you missed an order you should have hit, extending your playing time.

Should keep a cold head

If you are a competitive player, it is worst to play this way. Any statistical method based on luck, but luck is much better if you follow the data. If you had a heat head, you would miss the probability. You will surely quickly stop with just a few orders.

So keep a cool head, analyze statistics of the last 30 days of each time frame to find the best probability time frame for you.

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