What is Risk-Free trade on Olymp Trade? How to use Risk-Free trade on Olymp Trade?
What is Risk-Free trade on Olymp Trade? How to use Risk-Free trade on Olymp Trade?

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Risk-free trading on Olymp Trade refers to a Fixed Time Trade transaction on Olymp Trade that returns the amount of a risk-free trade to the trader’s account if you do a losing trade.

Risk-Free Trades

This is a trader’s right to make a trade with a certain amount of money without risking any funds.

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If you unexpectedly lose the transaction, the amount of Risk-Free trade will be returned to your pocket. You just need to worry about the profit you will receive after each winning trade.

How much money back?

Every risk-free trade has its own values. If your prediction is wrong, you will get this value back correctly.

If you activate a $50 risk-free trade and then make a $100 trade, you will receive $50 back on failure. But if you win, you will receive a profit of $100.

How to receive Risk-Free

Risk-Free is one of the benefits of the VIP account (Expert Status). You will receive 5% of your first deposit which used to become an Expert. By depositing more than $2000 you will receive this privilege. This Risk-Free amount will be split into small $100 amounts for use.

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The second way to receive Risk-Free is to use an Olymp Trade promotion code. You can get the code by watching events, Livestream, tournaments, and campaigns held on social media and Olymp Trade blog.

Don’t miss the free webinars run by the VIP support service. During these events, attendees can receive risk-free deals worth more than $100.

Oh, Daily quests are also a way to help you get Risk-Free trades. You need to actively complete the daily tasks of the Trader’s Paths. Actively level up to receive incentives.

Trader's way Trader Path on Olymp Trade
Trader’s way Trader Path on Olymp Trade

How to use Risk-Free

After receiving the Risk-Free trades, a small tick will appear next to the UP DOWN order button. By ticking this button you have enabled this feature for your next trade.

How to use a Risk-Free trade
How to use a Risk-Free trade


Risk-Free should be used when you open something risky like Fibonacci, Martingale patterns at critical times. Helping to minimize the likelihood of taking risks, helping you to feel more relaxed.

Risk-free trades are more than just a compensation mechanism. Using them at a critical moment, you can reduce the risk of losing your funds to zero.

In fact, the use is up to you to decide the situation, so nothing is certain.

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What is Risk-free Trade? How to use it on Olymp Trade?
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